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The purpose of the Guarantee System for Tracing SKV Veal Calves (GTSKV) is to identify where international transport movements are taking place and have taken place previously, and the final destination of a consignment. This system provides transparency at all times with regard to the number of veal calves being transported, which loading location or assembly centre they are being transported from, and their final destination in the Netherlands. SKV affiliates must report an international transport movement in the GTSKV system before departure. It is important to be able to trace veal calves at every stage of the transport movement, for example, in the event of an outbreak of an infectious animal disease. In such cases the veal calves in transit and their destinations are immediately clear, and measures can be taken to prevent any further spread of the disease.


If you are a haulier, dealer and/or importer and you need to register one or more transport movements in the GTSKV system on behalf of a legal owner, you must be authorised to do so by the legal owner. You will need a GTSKV account to do this. If you do not yet have an account, please contact the SKV.


Problems while submitting GTSKV reports

If you experience unexpected IT related problems while submitting GTSKV reports outside office hours, you are still obliged to submit a correct report. To do this, you can call +31 (0)30-6941916, or e-mail If you want to submit a report by telephone, you can leave a message on the voicemail. This process ensures that the transport movement is known in the event of an outbreak of an animal disease. You are responsible for ensuring that the record is entered on the GTSKV system once your IT related problems have been resolved.


Remember that you must ALWAYS give the following information if leaving a message on the voicemail:

• Place and country of departure
• Number of calves
• Registration number of the transport vehicle
• UBN and the location of the final destination

If you have any questions and/or comments, please contact GTSKV on tel: +31 (0)30-6941916 or by email:


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Obligation to use flexible teats during transport lasting longer than eight hours

The Dutch government has indicated that it intends to enforce the provision of flexible teats as a drinking system from 2021 when calves younger than two months of age are imported on a journey with a duration of eight hours or longer. If your transport unit has been registered for transport for more than eight hours (type II) in the GTSKV system but no proof of this transport unit having the facilities of flexible teats has been submitted before 1-1-2021, you will no longer be able to make any GTSKV registrations with this transport unit from 1-1-2021.

For more information, please refer to the GTSKV manual Or click the info button next to the relevant input field.